🥧Homemade goodies for coffee

It gets more uncomfortable outside …. Time to make it more comfortable inside ☕ 🥧
Daily freshly baked cakes, cup cakes and pancakes await you in the beautiful tropical courtyard:
🥧 Hawaiian cheese cake with caramel sauce
🥧 Max`Apple Crumble with vanilla ice cream
🥧 Pancakes with maple syrup & hot blueberry sauce
🥧 Cup cakes

With much love and dedication, the pies, cup cakes and pan cakes, even our coffee biscuits, are baked fresh every day in our pâtisserie.
Our dear Patricia and the creative Max will enchant you with these delicacies … rounded off with latte macchiato from our portafilter machine ….
The coveted Hawaiian Pan Cakes are stirred according to the original recipe (from Lahaina-Maui) and served with maple syrup and hot blueberry sauce.
The fruity Lassi is a Hawaiian honey yoghurt drink and is also strictly mixed according to recipe (Honolulu)!
You only experience that in Waikiki Burger Potsdam!